Software Design and Development

CBD developers have been programming for over 20 years, from mainframe and timesharing systems, through the wave of personal computers in the 1980's, continuing on through the Internet revolution in the 1990's. We have experience in interactive desktop applications, real-time embedded systems, image analysis, robotics, distributed systems, web applications, and large scale databases (400 million+ records).

For development use a wide variety of languages, from procedural and object oriented languages like Python, C++ and Java to expert systems languages like Prolog and OPS-5. Where it has been cost effective we've developed applications in closed environments like FileMaker and 4th DIMENSION, and just as easily written for free and open source environments like Apache, MySQL and Python.

We develop applications for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows operating systems and often our applications require collaboration between all three.

Network Design and Deployment

CBD has wide range of experience in networking technologies, ranging from home offices, small businesses, and large scale enterpise networks. We provide analysis, design, installation assistance and support for a variety of applications, from simple collaborative systems to supervisory data acquisition and control, and process automation.